11 eQSL Cards from Odynn Radio Twente in 6290 khz

ODYNN RADIO TWENTE                                                                




Hallo all,

My name is Mark and I am 52 years old.

I am living in the east part of the Netherlands in the region that is called Twente in a little village called Enter with +/- 6000 inhabitants and is about 30 kilometers from the german border.

I am living together with my girlfriend Angelique 45 and daughter Iris of 12 years old now , we have also a a cat named Sylvester(8) and a dog named Rex.(5)


My Sw transmitter at this moment is homebrew and will give 200 Watts carrierpower.

My mediumwave transmitter is also homebrew and will give me 250 watts of carrierpower.

My Sw antenna is a dipole on 6 meters hight and my Mw antenne is a coilantenna and is 23 meters high.

Where you can find me?

That’s easy : on mediumwave I will be somewhere between 1611 and 1670 KHz and on Shortwave you can find me somewhere between 6230 and 6330 KHz.

I hope you will listen to Odynn radio again when it is possible

Greetings Mark (Odynn Radio Twente)

11 eQSL Cards from Odynn Radio Twente from 15.02.2020 on 6290 khz